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Violence in the Bible: Towards a Non-Violent Reading
By Dominic S. Irudayaraj SJ on April 2019
Thoughts on the Biblical Heroic Tradition
By Dolores Kamrada on April 2019
“Jesus: His Life from the Perspectives of Mary Magdalene and the Apostle Peter” (Pt.4)
By Paul N. Anderson on April 2019
Do We Really Think That There Is No Historical Linguistics of Ancient Hebrew?
By Robert Rezetko and Ian Young on April 2019
Those Elusive Sons of God: Genesis 6:1–4 Revisited
By Jaap Doedens on April 2019
“Jesus: His Life from the Perspectives of Judas and Pilate” (Pt. 3)
By Paul N. Anderson on April 2019
Who Is David?
By Thomas L. Thompson on April 2019
"Jesus: His Life from the Perspectives of Mary and Caiaphas" (Pt. 2)
By Paul N. Anderson on April 2019
Trauma and the Failure of Narrative in Lamentations
By David Janzen on March 2019
“Jesus: His Life—Perspectives of Joseph and John the Baptist” (Pt. 1)
By Paul N. Anderson on March 2019
The Invention of the Alphabet: Historical Sleuthing and the Power of Naming
By Robert D. Holmstedt on March 2019
Flawed Philology
By Ronald Hendel and Jan Joosten on March 2019
Muslims and the Bible, Biblicists and Islam
By Adam J. Silverstein on March 2019
Fishing for Entrepreneurs in the Sea of Galilee? Unmasking Neoliberal Ideology in Biblical Interpretation
By Robert J. Myles on February 2019
Evolution and Compatibilism: What it Takes to Reconcile
By Aaron Adair on February 2019
Widows in the New Testament Period
By Susan E. Hylen on February 2019
President Trump Just Tweeted Support for Bible Courses, But It’s Already Legal to Teach About the Bible
By Mark Chancey on January 2019
Communal Banqueting Practice in Early Christ Group in Corinth
By Jin Hwan Lee on January 2019
Can the Ages of Biblical Literature be Discerned Without Literary Analysis?
By Ian Young and Robert Rezetko on January 2019
Did Moses Sing? Perspectives on Deuteronomy 32
By Tina Dykesteen Nilsen on January 2019
Remembering the James Ossuary. Older Articles from B&I.
By Paul Flesher and Rochelle Altman on January 2019
How Old Is the Hebrew Bible?
By Ronald Hendel and Jan Joosten on January 2019
Evangelicals and Donald J. Trump
By Jim West on January 2019
Editors' Choice: The Best of B&I in 2018
By B&I Authors on December 2018
Family in the Early Jesus Movement
By Paul B. Duff on December 2018
Luke 24: Theoxeny and Recognition Scenes in the Odyssey
By Bruce Louden on December 2018
Baptism as a Politically Subversive Act
By R. Alan Streett on December 2018
The World of Children in the Hebrew Bible
By Kristine Henriksen Garroway on November 2018
Jesus in a World of Colliding Empires
By Mark J. Keown on November 2018
Jesus and the Essenes: An Esoteric History
By Simon J. Joseph on November 2018
As Easy as ABC?: A Review of Thomas Schneider’s Study of the TT99 Ostracon
By Aren M. Wilson-Wright on October 2018
Bethsaida Excavation Project: Season 2018
By Rami Arav on October 2018
Philosophical assumptions related to the question “What is a god?” in Hebrew Bible scholarship
By Jaco Gericke on October 2018
A Response to Stéphanie Anthonioz, “Review of Russell E. Gmirkin, Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible”
By Russell Gmirkin on October 2018
Comment on the Announcement of a New Herodian Inscription Found in Jerusalem
By David M. Jacobson on October 2018
Review of Russell E. Gmirkin, Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible
By Stéphanie Anthonioz on October 2018
Josephus’ Galilee and Spatial Theory
By John M. Vonder Bruegge on September 2018
How to Avoid Gender-Based Hostility During Fieldwork
By Beth Alpert Nakhai on August 2018
Metallurgy, the Forgotten Dimension of Ancient Yahwism
By Nissim Amzallag on August 2018
The Impact of Sargon & Enheduanna on Land Rights in Deuteronomy Preliminary Report
By Don C. Benjamin on August 2018
A New ‘Biblical Archaeology’
By Philip R Davies (1945-2018) on August 2018