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Can We Still Believe the Bible in the Twenty-First Century?
By Craig L. Blomberg on January 2020
Inflated Claims for Genesis 1—Recent Cosmological News and Ancient Cosmologies
By Aaron M. Adair on August 2018
Response to Early Origins of Israel
By Niels Peter Lemche on December 2019
Early Origins of Israel
By Eveline van der Steen on December 2019
Bible Illiteracy and the Contribution of Biblical Higher Education
By Rafael Rodríguez on January 2020
The Violent Legacy of Monotheism? Truths, Half-Truths, and Downright Lies about Religion and Culture
By Iain Provan on December 2019
2014 Excavations at Kh. el-Maqatir: A Proposed New Location for the Ai of Joshua 7–8 and Ephraim of John 11:53-54 (Revised Edition 2/27)
By D. Scott Stripling on September 2019
The Sect of the Qumran Texts and its Leading Role in the Temple in Jerusalem During Much of the First Century BCE: Toward a New Framework for Understanding (Part I).
By Greg Doudna on October 2019
Mythicism and the Mainstream: The Rhetoric and Realities of Academic Freedom
By James F. McGrath on November 2019
Is There a Place for Medieval Exegesis in Evangelical Christianity?
By Frans van Liere on January 2020
Star Light, Star Bright: How Astronomy Fails to Explain the Star of Bethlehem
By Dr. Aaron M. Adair on August 2018
The Relics of Jesus: The Case of the Titulus Crucis
By Antonio Lombatti on October 2019
Rabbis as Romans: How Should We Understand the Rise of the Rabbinic Movement in Palestine
By Hayim Lapin on December 2019
David as a Tribal Hero
By Eveline van der Steen on December 2019
Considering the Commentary
By Beth M. Sheppard on January 2020
Was King Saul a Mad Man?
By Shaul Bar on December 2019
Was "Israelite" Sacrifice Practiced at Tel Dan?
By Jonathan S. Greer on September 2019
The Tale of the Lead Codices from Jordan: A Brief History
By Jim West on January 2020
By Philip Davies on January 2020
What Can We Learn About Biblical Interpretation from Creationism?
By Arthur McCalla on August 2018
Primary Level Education and the Making of Biblical Interpreters
By Beth M. Sheppard on January 2020
Understanding David and Jonathan
By Joel Baden on December 2019
Restless Bones Where Was Peter Buried?
By Antonio Lombatti on January 2020
Monotheism’s Dirty Secret
By Jeremiah Cataldo on December 2019
Reflections of a Stranger in the Land (Lev 19:34): Celebrating Temple University’s Department of Religion’s 40th Anniversary
By Thomas L. Thompson on October 2019
In Praise of The Evil Kings: Latino Ethnic Identity and Biblical Scholarship
By Hector Avalos on October 2019
Prolegomena to a Dispassionate Plea for the Historicity of Jesus the Galilean
By Fernando Bermejo-Rubio on November 2019
Giving the Jewish Jesus his Religion Back
By Bruce Chilton on November 2019
Oral Tradition and the New Testament
By Rafael Rodriguez on November 2019
Christian Beginnings and Gnosticism Aspects of My Religious Biography
By Gerd Lüdemann on November 2019
Why Was Jezreel So Important to the Kingdom of Israel?
By Norma Franklin on September 2019
Roman Catholic Modernism
By Joseph F. Kelly on October 2019
Supreme Court says Israel cannot hold Jehoash Tablet but challenges antiquities trade
By Matthew Kalman on September 2019
Why, only now, a pope named Francis?
By Bruce Chilton on January 2020
Response to Robert Eisenman in the Huffington Post (Oct. 22, 2013) and Jerusalem Post (Oct. 21, 2013)
By Greg Doudna on October 2019
Naming and Framing New Testament History
By Beth M. Sheppard on October 2019
Deutsch Files $3 Million Suit Against Israel Antiquities Authority
By Matthew Kalman on September 2019
Jesus the Patriarch and Talpiot Tomb A
By Claude Cohen-Matlofsky on January 2020
Why Atheists Should Read – And Love – the Book of Job
By James A. Metzger on December 2019
Selective Skepticism
By James F. McGrath on January 2020
A Future for the Archaeology of Jerusalem
By Raphael Greenberg on September 2019
Why was Samaria made the capital of the Kingdom of Israel?
By Norma Franklin on September 2019
Interview with Yosef Garfinkel Director of the Khirbet Qeiyafa excavations and Professor at the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University
By Eldad Keynan on September 2019
By God I am King: David’s Rise to the Throne in Broader Context
By Christopher Rollston on December 2019
The Community That Raymond Brown Left Behind: Reflections on the Johannine Dialectical Situation
By Paul N. Anderson on November 2019
When tribes are in charge: Tribal societies in the 19th century and in the Bible.
By Eveline van der Steen on October 2019
Picturing the Text: Ancient Near Eastern Iconography and the Hebrew Bible
By Izaak J. de Hulster and Joel M. LeMon on September 2019
Preliminary Report of the 2013 Jezreel Expedition Field Season
By Norma Franklin and Jennie Ebeling on September 2019
Pairing Up: Reception History and Gender Theory
By Katherine Low on October 2019
Two Sets of Sources – A Hypothesis Regarding the Empty Tomb
By Eldad Keynan on November 2019