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Marcion and the Idea of Heresy
By Judith Lieu on November 2019
What I Learned While Translating Medieval Latin Commentaries in Coffee Shops
By Joy A. Schroeder on October 2019
Giovanni Garbini and Minimalism
By Thomas L. Thompson on October 2019
Biblical Archaeology: The Hydra of Palestine’s History
By Thomas L. Thompson on September 2019
Some Thoughts on Defining Reception History and the Future of Biblical Studies
By William John Lyons on October 2019
A Unique Mikveh in Upper Galilee
By Eldad Keynan on December 2019
Preliminary Report of the 2015 Jezreel Expedition Field Season
By Norma Franklin and Jennie Ebeling on September 2019
Survey on Field Safety (2015): Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean Basin
By Beth Alpert Nakhai on September 2019
Children in the Gospels
By Sharon Betsworth on November 2019
Did Jesus Speak Greek?
By G. Scott Gleaves on November 2019
The Before and Afterlife of “Manifest Destiny”: Colonizing Jesus, Judaism, and Native America
By Simon J. Joseph on October 2019
Convincing Early Christians: The Rhetoric of Paul
By Jerry L. Sumney on November 2019
Although de Vaux Was a Divine, He Was Not Infallible
By David Stacey on September 2019
Mythicism and the Making of Mark
By James F. McGrath on November 2019
Critical Questions for the Early High Christology Club
By Michael Kok on January 2020
Why Academic Biblical Scholars Must Fight Creationism
By Hector Avalos on October 2019
Heresy in Earliest Christianity
By Robert M. Royalty on November 2019
Emic or Etic? Interpreting the Hebrew Scriptures
By Charles David Isbell on December 2019
Reconstructing 4Q208–4Q209 as an Astronomical Artefact
By Helen R. Jacobus on October 2019
Sir Leonard Woolley and Ur of the Chaldees
By Harriet Crawford on September 2019
Composite “Herod” in Luke-Acts
By Frank Dicken on November 2019
The Bible and Ancient Philosophy in Greek Synagogal Prayers
By Pieter W. van der Horst on December 2019
Gender-bending in the Bible
By Amy Kalmanofsky on January 2020
Why Losing Adam & Eve is So Hard
By Karl Giberson on October 2019
On Jesus, the Essenes, and the Anxiety of Influence
By Simon J. Joseph on October 2019
The enduring value of frontier dynamics in the study of the southern Levant and questions pertaining to the emergence of Israel
By Tom Petter on November 2019
Do Christians Have to Keep the Torah? The Cases of Matthew and Luke-Acts
By Isaac W. Oliver on December 2019
The James Ossuary in Talpiot : More about Probability
By Jerry Lutgen on August 2018
Making Room for Japheth – A Hellenistic Bible?
By Thomas L. Thompson and Philippe Wajdenbaum on December 2019
Second Criticality— An Interdisciplinary Approach to the New Testament and its Contexts
By Paul N. Anderson on November 2019
“Nostra Aetate” at 50 (Essay #1 of 2): Is Lay Jews’ Ardor Stalling Out?
By Michael J. Cook on October 2019
Once Again, the Power of Disconfirmation
By James Constantine Hanges on January 2020
The Serpent in the Garden of Eden and its Background
By John Day on November 2019
The Origin of Evil Spirits in Early Jewish Literature
By Archie T. Wright on November 2019
Memory and History: A Return to Something Meaningful
By Niels Peter Lemche on October 2019
Tel Burna – The Late Bronze and Iron Age Remains after Five Seasons
By Chris McKinny, Deborah Cassuto, and Itzhaq Shai on September 2019
Genre Matters: What Kind of Bioi are the Canonical Gospels?
By Justin Marc Smith on November 2019
Memory and the Knowledge of Things Past
By Daniel Pioske on January 2020
Ancient Israel’s History : An Introduction to Issues and Sources
By Edited By Bill T. Arnold and Richard S. Hess on November 2019
The CNN Shroud of Turin
By Antonio Lombatti on January 2020
A Narrative Argument that the Teacher of Righteousness was Hyrcanus II
By Greg Doudna on October 2019
Teaching Jewish Studies, Hebrew Scriptures, and the Historical Jesus in the Context of Jewish Studies at a Two-Year Public College
By Zev Garber on October 2019
CNN’s ‘Finding Jesus’: the ‘James Ossuary’
By Jim West on January 2020
Israelite Women as “Ritual Experts”: Orthodoxy or Orthopraxis?
By William G. Dever on October 2019
Let’s Talk about Lost Gospels: A Reflection on the Priorities of a Scholarly Discourse
By James Constantine Hanges on January 2020
Biblical Studies and Theology: A Rapprochement
By C.L. Crouch on January 2020
Fatal Attraction: Obsession, Aversion, and the Femme Fatale of Ancient Judah
By Erin Darby on September 2019
Full House: Idumaean Preeminence in the Court of Judaea
By Adam Kolman Marshak on December 2019
The Sacred Economy of Ancient Israel
By Roland Boer on November 2019
Why Is There a Bible and What Do Women Have To Do With It? Gender, Ben Sira, and the Canon
By Claudia V. Camp on December 2019