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Jesus as Whippersnapper: John 2:15 and Prophetic Violence
By Hector Avalos on November 2019
Some Characteristics of Biblical Law
By William S. Morrow on November 2019
Job’s Colophon and Its Contradictions
By Thomas M. Bolin on December 2019
Qumran and Vicinity: The Caves as a Key to the Enigma
By Claude Cohen-Matlofsky on October 2019
The Art of Negotiation in Ezra–Nehemiah
By Donna J. Laird on December 2019
Continuing Life in Kings
By Graeme Auld on November 2019
On Finding Jesus (Season 2) “A Few Bones to Pick: Peter and His Significance”
By Paul N. Anderson on August 2018
“On Thomas and Evidence—No Doubt!”
By “On Thomas and Evidence—No Doubt!” on November 2019
What Do Old, Dirty, Broken Pieces Of Pottery Have To Do With The Bible?
By David A. Fiensy on September 2019
On Finding Jesus (Season 2) “Can Any Good Thing Come From Nazareth? The Childhood Home of Jesus?”
By Paul N. Anderson on August 2018
Wandering in the Desert?: A Review of Charles R. Krahmalkov’s “The Chief of Miners Mashe/Moshe, the Historical Moses”
By Aren M. Wilson-Wright on November 2019
Excavating Megiddo
By Eric H Cline on September 2019
Rags-to-Riches. Reflections on Knowledge, Resources and Power on the Creation of Inequalities in Prehistory
By Florian Klimscha and Danny Rosenberg on August 2018
A New ‘Biblical Archaeology’
By Philip R Davies (1945-2018) on August 2018
David Be’eri’s Useful Idiots
By Raphael Greenberg on September 2019
On Finding Jesus (Season 2) Herod the Great, or Herod the Terrible?
By Paul N. Anderson on August 2018
Finding Jesus Raising Lazarus: Climax or Prequel?
By Paul N. Anderson on November 2019
Explaining Bias and the History of Modern Biblical Scholarship: A Response to Thomas L. Thompson
By Jeffrey L. Morrow on October 2019
The Chief of Miners Mashe/Moshe, the Historical Moses
By Charles Krahmalkov (Krahmalnikov) on November 2019
The Consortium for the Bethsaida Excavation Project: Report on the 2016 Excavation Season
By Rami Arav, Carl Savage, Kate Raphael, Nicolae Roddy, Vanessa Workman, Kenneth M. Bensimon on January 2020
The Promises and Perils of Using the Bible in Political Discourse
By Daniel L. Dreisbach on October 2019
Babatha: The Ancient Jewish Woman About Whom We Know Most
By Philip F. Esler on September 2019
On Myths and Their Contexts: An Issue of Contemporary Theology?
By Thomas L. Thompson on October 2019
Judges 21 and Marriage by Capture
By Katherine Southwood on November 2019
How Early Roman Christianity Outlasted Its Competitors
By Robert Crotty on November 2019
How the Rabbis Adapted Roman Culture to Create Judaism as We Know It
By Burton L. Visotzky on October 2019
From Merenptah to Rameses VI
By Ernst Axel Knauf and Philippe Guillaume on November 2019
The Carnival at the Heart of Kings
By Helen Paynter on November 2019
On Biblical Scholarship and Bias
By Jeffrey L. Morrow on October 2019
Incest in the Hebrew Bible
By Johanna Stiebert on November 2019
Jonah in the Shadows of Eden
By Yitzhak Berger on November 2019
A Surprising Source for Seculars
By Tom Krattenmaker on October 2019
Who Pays For All This?
By Oded Borowski on September 2019
Ending a Life That Has Not Begun—Abortion in the Bible
By Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte on October 2019
How to Read the Torah
By Kenneth Seeskin on November 2019
A History of the Hasmonean State: Josephus and Beyond
By Kenneth Atkinson on December 2019
Filmmaking as a Model for Analyzing Biblical Stories
By Gary Yamasaki on October 2019
Academic Freedom and the Teaching of Religion in America: A Christian College Interpretation
By William Ringenberg on October 2019
Biblical Hebrew Changed, but How?
By Robert Rezetko on October 2019
How to Read the Bible?
By Alan T. Levenson on November 2019
How to Read the Bible?
By Alan T. Levenson on October 2019
Stereotyping Exegesis: The Gospel of John and “the Jews” in Ancient and Modern Commentary
By Michael G. Azar on November 2019
Jesus Was Not Against Imperialism: New Testament Ethics as an Imperialist Project
By Hector Avalos on November 2019
The Bible and the Other Creation Museums
By James Linville on October 2019
The Book of Judges: A Spiritual History?
By Robin Baker on November 2019
God and Being in Exodus 3:13–15
By Andrea Saner on October 2019
How Many Books are in the Bible? Qualitative Numbers, or Math for Biblical Scholars
By Eva Mroczek on December 2019
Self-deification in Biblical Texts
By M. David Litwa on November 2019
The Bad Jesus, Love, and the Parochialism of New Testament Ethics
By Hector Avalos on November 2019
The Deuteronomistic History and Israel's Kings
By Alison L. Joseph on November 2019