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How Many Books are in the Bible? Qualitative Numbers, or Math for Biblical Scholars
By Eva Mroczek on December 2019
Self-deification in Biblical Texts
By M. David Litwa on November 2019
The Bad Jesus, Love, and the Parochialism of New Testament Ethics
By Hector Avalos on November 2019
The Deuteronomistic History and Israel's Kings
By Alison L. Joseph on November 2019
The Bible Versus Its Texts: Genesis 1 and 2 as a Case Study (Revised Title 6/30/16)
By Steven DiMattei on November 2019
The Role of Women in the Making of the Messianic Dynasty
By Rachel Adelman on November 2019
The Land Rights of Women in Deuteronomy
By Don C. Benjamin on November 2019
Egyptian Loanwords as Evidence for the Authenticity of the Exodus and Wilderness Traditions
By Benjamin J. Noonan on November 2019
Sin as Rhetoric in the Hebrew Bible: The Framing Power of Metaphor
By Joseph Lam on November 2019
Addressing Survey Methodology in the Southern Levant
By Aaron Tavger, Joe Uziel, Dvir Raviv, amd Itzhaq Shai on September 2019
Indigenous Elites in the Nehemiah Memoir
By Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley on December 2019
The Neoliberal Lives of Jesus
By Robert J. Myles on January 2020
King David and the Illusory Judah
By Mahri Leonard-Fleckman on November 2019
The Founders of the United States and the Bible
By Carl J. Richard on October 2019
Can the Cenacle on Mount Zion Really be the "Upper Room" of Jesus's Last Supper?
By David Christian Clausen on September 2019
Biblical Archaeology and Identity: Israel Finkelstein and his Rivals
By Shimon Amit on September 2019
The Mysterious Number 480 in 1 Kings 6:1
By Antti Laato on November 2019
The Handwriting on the Sherds
By Paul V.M. Flesher on January 2020
From Plato to Moses: Genesis-Kings as a Platonic Epic
By Philippe Wajdenbaum on December 2019
The Scribal Background of the “Menetekel” in Daniel 5
By Holger Gzella on December 2019
Saadia Gaon’s Bible Commentary and Translation
By Harry Freedman on October 2019
Orthodox Rabbinic Statement on Christianity, “To Do the Will of Our Father in Heaven: Toward a Partnership between Jews and Christians”
By Charles David Isbell on October 2019
The Multilingualism of Ancient Palestine and the Multilingual Jesus
By Hughson T. Ong on November 2019
The Matriarchs of Genesis: Seven Women, Five Views
By David J. Zucker on November 2019
The Consortium for the Bethsaida Excavation Project: Report on the 2015 Excavation Season
By Rami Arav, Carl Savage, Nicolae Roddy,Gregory C. Jenks, Vanessa Workman, Kenneth M. Bensimon on September 2019
How to Chase a White Whale[1] A Response to “Biblical Archaeology: The Hydra of Palestine’s History.”
By Alex Joffe on September 2019
Lost and Found? A Non-Jewish Israel from the Merneptah Stele to the Byzantine Period
By Ingrid Hjelm on September 2019
Discovering the Jordan River
By Barbara Kreiger on October 2019
Who Invented the Deuteronomist – and Why?
By Hans Ausloos on November 2019
An Unsettling Divide in Linguistic Dating and Historical Linguistics
By Martin Ehrensvärd, Robert Rezetko and Ian Young on April 2020
An Unsettling Divide in Linguistic Dating and Historical Linguistics
By Martin Ehrensvärd, Robert Rezetko and Ian Young on February 2016
On Finding Jesus—A Review of the CNN Episodes (Season 1)
By Paul N. Anderson on November 2019
Stereotyping Exegesis: The Gospel of John and “the Jews” in Ancient and Modern Commentary
By Michael G. Azar on October 2019
Recollecting the Jehoash Inscription, The Trial in Jerusalem, and Comments on the James Ossuary
By Dr. Victor Sasson on November 2019
The Hebrew Canon and Politics
By Philip R Davies on October 2019
Constantine and the Dialogue of Religions (c. 300-c. 340 A.D.)
By Mark Edwards on October 2019
The Collection for the Saints as a Polite Bribe: An Effort to Humanize Paul
By Gerd Lüdemann on November 2019
The Second Wave of the New Atheism: A Manifesto for Secular Scriptural Scholarship and Religious Studies
By Hector Avalos and André Gagné on October 2019
Looking to the Future of the Study of Christian Origins: The Ecstatic Perception of Evolving Complexities
By James Constantine Hanges on November 2019
How Did Rabshakeh Know the Language of Judah?
By Yigal Levin on November 2019
The Blank Canvas
By Lauren Ingeno on September 2019
Glimpses of Jesus Through the Johannine Lens—An Introduction and Overview of John, Jesus, and History, Volume 3
By Paul N. Anderson and Jaime Clark-Soles on November 2019
The Samaritans in Recent Research
By Reinhard Pummer on December 2019
The Embarrassing and Alluring Biblical Giant
By Brian R. Doak on November 2019
A Guide For The Perplexed
By Philip R Davies on November 2019
Facts, Propaganda, or History? Shaping Political Memory in the Nabonidus Chronicle
By Caroline Waerzeggers on November 2019
The Book of Job: From An Immoral To An Amoral God
By James A. Colaiaco on November 2019
Ancient Israel: A New History of Israel (Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2015).
By Niels Peter Lemche on January 2020
History and the Nature of Cultural Memory: The Alamo and the “Masada Complex”
By Lester L. Grabbe on December 2019
Jesus “in the Trenches”
By Ken Hanson on August 2020