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John: The Mundane Gospel and its Archaeology-Related Features
By Paul Anderson on July 2020
Greek Literature and the Primary History
By Robert Karl Gnuse on June 2020
Middle Groups in Jewish Roman Galilee and Jesus and his Disciples’ Social Location: New Insights
By Ben-Zion Rosenfeld and Haim Perlmutter on June 2020
George Grove and the Establishment of the Palestine Exploration Fund
By David M. Jacobson on June 2020
The Bible and Social Reform
By Claudia Setzer on May 2020
Reply to the Richard Hess’ review of Old Testament in Archaeology and History. And Comments on Hess’ Response. (New material added March 29, 2020).
By Mark Elliott and Ed Wright on February 2020
Coming Home: Biblical Hiraeth at the Ark Encounter
By Paul Thomas on May 2020
The Case of the Purloined Apostle: Was the Beloved Disciple of the Fourth Gospel the Apostle Andrew?
By Gregory Doudna on May 2020
Tanakh Epistemology?
By Douglas Yoder on April 2020
The Second Sex in the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew
By Brandon W. Hawk on April 2020
The Elusive Contexts of the Johannine Literature
By Hugo Méndez on April 2020
On Biblical Forgeries and Imagined Communities—A Critical Analysis of Recent Criticism
By Paul Anderson on April 2020
Jeremiah 52 in the Context of the Book of Jeremiah
By Henk de Waard on March 2020
Geography and Religion
By Erica Ferg on March 2020
The Lost Language of the Ghassulians: Proto-Writing at Nahal Mishmar?
By Aren M. Wilson-Wright on March 2020
The Patristic Traditions about the Evangelist Matthew
By Michael J. Kok on March 2020
“Please Accept My Resignation"
By Eric Cline on February 2020
Is John a Synoptic Gospel?
By Gary Greenberg on February 2020
Money Made Her Do It? Cultivating Oppositional Knowledge with Proverbs 7
By Susanne Scholz on February 2020
Can a History of Palestine be Written?
By Thomas L. Thompson on February 2020
Political Texts of Terror in the Book of Judges
By Peter Feinman on January 2020
Heroic Bodies in Ancient Israel: The Case of Saul’s Height
By Brian R. Doak on January 2020
Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean Medicine
By Laura Zucconi on January 2020
Afterlife and Resurrection Beliefs in the Second Temple Period
By Jan A. Sigvartsen on January 2020
Foreigners in the Former Prophets
By David G. Firth on January 2020
Editors' Choice: The Best of B&I in 2019
By B&I Authors on December 2019
When did people start writing in the Levant?
By Nissim Amzallag on December 2019
Were the Gospels Historical?
By M. David Litwa on December 2019
New Evidence on the James Ossuary and its Probable Connection to the Talpiot Jesus Tomb
By James Tabor on December 2019
Archaeology, Biblical Research and Ancient Israel
By Margreet Steiner on December 2019
On the Origin of Alphabetic Writing
By Aren M. Wilson-Wright on November 2019
Extrabiblical Evidence for Jesus’ Historicity
By Raphael Lataster on November 2019
Why Did the Gospel of Mark Survive?
By Michael Kok on November 2019
The Influence of Gilgamesh on the Bible
By Louise M. Pryke on November 2019
On Finding Myth and History in the Bible: Epistemological and Methodological Observations
By Emanuel Pfoh on November 2019
Judaean Elite Encounters with the Fledgling Persian Empire: The Evidence of Second Isaiah and First Zechariah
By Jason M. Silverman on October 2019
Josephus on Samaritan Origins
By Stewart Penwell on October 2019
Solving the Mystery of the City in Isa 24-27: The Fall of the Assyrian Palace at Ramat Raḥel
By Christopher B. Hays on October 2019
The Logic of Jesus’ Resurrection
By Bruce Chilton on October 2019
God in Conflict: Images of the Divine Warrior in Ancient Jewish and Early Christian Texts
By Scott C. Ryan on October 2019
Yahweh or Zeus? Where Western Culture Went Wrong
By John Heath on September 2019
Survey on Field Safety (Update 2019): Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean Basin
By Beth Alpert Nakhai on September 2019
Meals on the Menu – Why it Matters: Why Bother?[1]
By Peter-Ben Smit on September 2019
Characters and Their Language in the Hebrew Bible: Suspicion and the Well-Dressed Man at the Door[1]
By Maryann Amor on September 2019
The Museum of the Bible beyond the Headlines
By Jill Hicks-Keeton and Cavan Concannon on September 2019
A Literary Study of Judges and the Books of Samuel
By Greger Andersson on September 2019
What Is a Canon?
By Edmon L. Gallagher on August 2019
When Critics Miss the Point About Questioning Jesus’ Historicity
By Raphael Lataster on August 2019
Exorcising Mythicism’s Sky-Demons: A Response to Raphael Lataster’s “Questioning Jesus’ Historicity.”
By James F. McGrath on August 2019
Questioning Jesus’ Historicity
By Raphael Lataster on August 2019