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Schools Without Rules: Private schools' curriculum downplays slavery, says humans and dinosaurs lived
By Orlando Sentinel: June 1, 2018 on August 2018
Eden, the Tree of Life and the Wisdom of the Serpent
By Jay Williams on November 2019
Philip Davies
By Thomas L. Thompson on October 2019
Taking 1 Enoch Seriously
By Philip F. Esler on August 2018
New Archaeological Data from The Great Revolt in Jerusalem Raise New Questions on Josephus
By Dr. David Gurevich on September 2019
The Anti-Jewish Jesus: Socio-Rhetorical Criticism as Apologetics
By Hector Avalos on August 2018
The Social Context of the 19th Century Historical Jesus
By Halvor Moxnes on November 2019
The Spiritual Gospel: The Gospel of John in the Early Church
By Bryan A. Stewart on August 2018
Jesus and Early Synagogues
By Jordan J. Ryan on August 2018
The Exotic Garden in the Song of Songs
By By Elaine T. James on August 2018
Did the Fortified Jerusalem of the Middle Bronze Just Vanish, and What Does This Say About King David?
By Dr. David Gurevich on November 2019
The Gutenberg Bible, 550 Years after Gutenberg
By Eric White on October 2019
Dates for Easter
By Elizabeth McNamer on January 2020
Curses in the Book of Deuteronomy and in Old Aramaic Inscriptions
By Laura Quick on January 2020
The Council of Nicaea
By Elizabeth McNamer on January 2020
The “Eternal and Undivided” Jerusalem and the Bible
By Michael G. Azar on January 2020
Outsider Designations in the New Testament
By Paul Trebilco on November 2019
The Final Days of Jesus and the Realities of Roman Capital Punishment: What Happened to All Those Bodies?
By Mark D. Smith on November 2019
New Perspectives on Christianity’s Beginning
By Gerd Lüdemann on August 2018
Statement from Bible Scholars in Opposition to Bill That Adds 'Bible literacy' Class to Iowa Public Schools.
By Hector Avalos, Kenneth Atkinson and Robert R. Cargill on October 2019
Why the Hebrew Bible is so Easy/Difficult to Interpret
By Kenneth Seeskin on January 2020
Reading the Hebrew Bible through Marginal/ized Female Characters
By Wil Gafney on November 2019
New Perspectives on Amos: The Vision Reports in 7:1–8:2
By Göran Eidevall on November 2019
Resurrection in Early Judaism
By C.D. Elledge on December 2019
Sweet Dreams? Interpreting Food in the Dreams of Pharaoh’s Cupbearer and Baker
By Diana Lipton on November 2019
Blessed Among Women? Moms, Bodies, and Theologies in the New Testament
By Alicia D. Myers on November 2019
Would the Real Elder John Please Stand Up?
By Michael J. Kok on November 2019
The Book of Haggai and the Rebuilding of the Temple in the Early Persian Period
By John Robert Barker on December 2019
Counting and Weighing: On the Role of Intuition in Philology and Linguistics, with Some Thoughts on Linguistic Comments by R. E. Friedman in The Exodus
By Martin Ehrensvärd, Robert Rezetko and Ian Young on November 2019
Champions and Critics of the King James Bible
By Ellie Gebarowski-Shafer on October 2019
The Book of Ruth: Origin and Purpose
By E. Allen Jones III on December 2019
Compassion: Between a Mosaic Precept and a Common Human Potential
By Françoise Mirguet on December 2019
Soli Deo Gloria? The Scholars, the Market, and the Dubious Post-2002 Dead Sea Scrolls-like Fragments
By Årstein Justnes and Josephine Munch Rasmussen on October 2019
Reading the Bible in a Feminist Key: Three Challenges for Feminist Biblical Interpretation Today
By Susanne Scholz on November 2019
Anti-Semitism and Religious Violence as Flawed Interpretations of the Gospel of John
By Paul N. Anderson on November 2019
Jewish Apocalyptic Tradition in the New Testament
By Benjamin E. Reynolds on November 2019
The Ancient Israelites through Archaeology, History and Text
By Paul V. M. Flesher on January 2020
The Hebrew Bible, the Enlightenment, and Theocracy
By Mira Morgenstern on November 2019
Sargon II, "King of the World"
By Josette Elayi on November 2019
When Hobby Lobby Tours the Holy Land: The Back Story of Passages, Museum of the Bible’s Christian Zionist Pilgrimage
By Mark A. Chancey on October 2019
Women and Worship in Paul’s Churches: Apostles, Prophets, and Teachers
By Lucy Peppiatt on November 2019
The Exodus: History Recaptured
By Richard Elliott Friedman on November 2019
Black and Slave: the Origins and History of the Curse of Ham
By David M. Goldenberg on November 2019
Can Genetics Solve the Mystery of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel?
By Steven Weitzman on November 2019
The Challenge to Diachronic Method From Empirical Models of Ancient Writing
By Joshua Berman on November 2019
The Shroud Is Just Another Hoax Forged During the Middle Ages
By Antonio Lombatti on October 2019
Minoritized Biblical Scholarship as Christian Missiology and Imperialism
By Hector Avalos on October 2019
The Ethics of War in Ancient Israel and Assyria
By Carly L. Crouch on November 2019
Has Bethsaida-Julias Been Found?
By Mordechai Aviam and R. Steven Notley on August 2018
Paul & Judaism
By Charles David Isbell on November 2019