Old Testament

Money Made Her Do It? Cultivating Oppositional Knowledge with Proverbs 7
By Susanne Scholz on February 2020
Reply to the Richard Hess’ review of Old Testament in Archaeology and History
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Heroic Bodies in Ancient Israel: The Case of Saul’s Height
By Brian R. Doak on January 2020
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Yahweh or Zeus? Where Western Culture Went Wrong
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A Literary Study of Judges and the Books of Samuel
By Greger Andersson on September 2019
Election in the Hebrew Bible
By Joel S. Kaminsky on August 2019
Myth as Story and Metaphor in the Hebrew Bible
By Paul K.-K. Cho on August 2019
Creating Coherence and Continuity: Suggestions and Illustrations of Methods and Themes
By Thomas L. Thompson on July 2019
Factors Complicating the Reconstruction of Women’s Lives in Iron Age Israel (1200–587 B.C.E.)
By Beth Alpert Nakha on May 2019
How the Bible Is Written
By Gary A. Rendsburg on May 2019
Violence in the Bible: Towards a Non-Violent Reading
By Dominic S. Irudayaraj SJ on April 2019
Thoughts on the Biblical Heroic Tradition
By Dolores Kamrada on April 2019
Those Elusive Sons of God: Genesis 6:1–4 Revisited
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Who Is David?
By Thomas L. Thompson on April 2019
Did Moses Sing? Perspectives on Deuteronomy 32
By Tina Dykesteen Nilsen on January 2019
How Old Is the Hebrew Bible?
By Ronald Hendel and Jan Joosten on January 2019
The World of Children in the Hebrew Bible
By Kristine Henriksen Garroway on November 2018
Metallurgy, the Forgotten Dimension of Ancient Yahwism
By Nissim Amzallag on August 2018