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A Teaching Moment Courtesy of Newsweek
By Jason David BeDuhn on October 2019
1177 BC: The Collapse of Civilizations and the Rise of Ancient Israel and Philistia
By Eric H. Cline on September 2019
‘On Interdisciplinarity in Biblical Studies’
By C.L. Crouch on January 2020
Aramaic, the English of the Levant in Antiquity
By Holger Gzella on October 2019
Notes on Eric H. Cline, 1177: The Year Civilization Collapsed
By Niels Peter Lemche on September 2019
Paul – the Promoter of Christianity
By Gerd Lüdemann on November 2019
Also the Narratives of Israel are a Palestinian Heritage
By Thomas L. Thompson on December 2019
Adam, Eve, and the Devil!
By Marjo C.A. Korpel and Johannes C. de Moor on December 2019
Rankled by Wrangling over Rank-Raglan Rankings: Jesus and the Mythic Hero Archetype
By James F. McGrath on August 2020
How Public Schools Began Offering Bible Courses: The Perspective from North Carolina
By Mark A. Chancey on October 2019
Why a New Bible Encyclopedia? Gender Matters
By Julia M. O’Brien on October 2019
Placing the Past: On Writing a History of “David’s Jerusalem”
By Daniel Pioske on December 2019
Biblical Reception History: A Dangerous Supplement
By Brennan Breed on October 2019
Religious Persecution or High Taxes? The Causes of the Maccabean Revolt against Antiochus IV
By Sylvie Honigman on December 2019
Probing the Essene Question …
By Greg Doudna on October 2019
Did Jesus Die in Outer Space? Evaluating a Key Claim in Richard Carrier’s On the Historicity of Jesus
By James F. McGrath on November 2019
The “Prince of Peace” or the God of War? Jesus as Nonviolent Messiah
By Simon J. Joseph on November 2019
Paul, a Jew from Jerusalem
By Michael L. Satlow on November 2019
Was Herod’s Tomb Indeed Uncovered in Herodium?
By Joseph Patrich and Benny Arubas on March 2020
Survey on Field Safety: Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean Basin
By Beth Alpert Nakhai on January 2020
Archaeology, Anthropology and the Importance of the Pre-Exilic Period for Israelite Identity
By C. L. Crouch on December 2019
The Ten Commandments in the Medieval Schools
By Lesley Smith on October 2019
New Archaeological Excavations on Mount Zion (Summer 2014 Season)
By Shimon Gibson and James D. Tabor on September 2019
“Radical Hope,” Lament, and Textualization: Judaism after 70 CE
By Hindy Najman on December 2019
Deuteronomy and Hittite Treaties
By Aaron Koller on December 2019
A New Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible
By Ronald Hendel on October 2019
Jesus Before Pilate: What’s Wrong with This Picture?
By Gary Greenberg on November 2019
Dangerous Sisters in the Hebrew Bible
By Amy Kalmanofsky on December 2019
African American Women Interpreting the Bible in the Nineteenth Century
By Joy A. Schroeder on October 2019
Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt: Should We Still Be Looking for a Historical Jesus?
By Richard Carrier, Ph.D. on November 2019
Retrieving the Voices of Women
By Joy A. Schroeder on October 2019
Amnon Rosenfeld-In Memoriam (1944-2014)
By Howard R. Feldman on January 2020
The Sect of the Qumran Texts and its Leading Role in the Temple in Jerusalem During Much of the First Century BCE: Toward a New Framework for Understanding (Part III).
By Greg Doudna on October 2019
The Antiquities Game - Behind the Trial of the Century
By Amnon Rosenfeld on September 2019
David, King of Judah (Not Israel)
By Jacob L. Wright on December 2019
Butchering the Bible
By T. Scott Womble on November 2019
Rethinking the Historicity of the Johannine Expulsion Passages
By Jonathan Bernier on November 2019
Allusive Keywords: From Literary Flourish to Meaningful Comparisons – Four Examples Regarding the Book of Esther
By Aaron Koller on December 2019
Crucifixion in the Ancient Mediterranean World
By John Granger Cook on November 2019
Historical Jesus Studies Today: An Update
By Mark Allan Powell on November 2019
“Go Sell Your Oil and Pay Your Debt!” Economic Life in Ancient Israel
By Roger S. Nam on December 2019
After Sodom: The Sons of Ammon in the Iron Age
By Craig W. Tyson on December 2019
Update on the excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath 2013 – as we prepare for the 2014 season
By Aren M. Maeir on September 2019
Jesus the Reformer
By Jim West on January 2020
Maurice Casey, My Friend: A Remembrance
By Jim West on January 2020
A Commentary on the Bill Nye, Ken Ham Televised Debate of Monday Evening February 4th 2014
By John W. Patterson on August 2018
Judging Deborah: the Prophetess and Gender Debates through the Centuries
By Joy A. Schroeder on October 2019
The O. J. Verdicts and the Ossuary of James
By Bruce Chilton on November 2019
The Sect of the Qumran Texts and its Leading Role in the Temple in Jerusalem During Much of the First Century BCE: Toward a New Framework for Understanding (Part II).
By Greg Doudna on October 2019
Can We Still Believe the Bible in the Twenty-First Century?
By Craig L. Blomberg on January 2020