The Crescent on the Temple

Curiously, medieval Christians had developed the belief that the Dome of the Rock was the very same structure standing during the time of Jesus. Thus a circular Temple is depicted as the venue for several other Christological scenes.

See Also: The Crescent on the Temple (Brill, 2012)

By Pamela Berger
Fine Arts Department
Boston College
December 2012

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Dear Pamela,
Nabatean caravanserari commonly have shrines decorated with the crescent from
at least the 2nd century BCE from the Hejaz to Sinai in the West and northwards to Damascus. Do you think this symbol could have been traditionally
associated with Yahweh and shrines dedicated
to this deity?

Thomas L. Thompson
Professor emeritus

#1 - Thomas L. Thompson, Professor emeritus, University of Copenhagen - 12/11/2012 - 14:00

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