Christian Beginnings and Gnosticism Aspects of My Religious Biography

We will rediscover the inherent vitality of our traditions only if we can enter the minds of the people who formulated them and thus gain a clearer understanding of the experiences and motivations that underlie those formulations. What will that require? First, open minds; second, new sources of information about the early Christian movement – information and analyses that will shed new light on the thinking of early Christians. Then at last those of us who were raised in the normative Christian tradition will have a chance to view the birth and development of Christianity objectively and with the clarity afforded by a new perspective.

See Also: The Earliest Christian Text: 1 Thessalonians (Salem OR: Polebridge Press, 2013)

By Gerd Lüdemann
Emeritus Professor of the History and Literature of Early Christianity
Georg-August-University of Göttingen
Visiting Scholar at Vanderbilt University
November 2013

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Why do you never mention the work of Albert Schweitzer on the Kingdom of God?

#1 - norman ravitch - 12/27/2015 - 22:36

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