August 2020
Pedagogy | Teaching Archive Trouble
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Illuminating the Philistines’ Origins
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Bronze Age: Jordan Scholar Plots First Linkages Between Egypt and Jordan
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Research unveils Kinneret’s geological enigmas, may help predict quakes
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How the Black Plague turned the Shroud of Turin into a beloved relic
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The last of the Zoroastrians
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Jordan- Levantine female figurines cast light on women's sociocultural role in ancient times
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School Choice and the Value of Religious Diversity
National Review: August 9, 2020
The Christian Devotion to a White America
New Republic: August 10, 2020
Armenia Has Some of the World's Most Enchanting Monasteries
Daily Beast: August 9, 2020
Women are allowed to receive rabbinic accreditation, High Court rules
JPost: August 8, 2020
‘Christianity Will Have Power’
NYTimes: August 9, 2020
In Hasmonean times, lamps and burials became a symbol of Jewish identity
JPost: August 9, 2020
Burnt remains from 586 BCE Jerusalem may hold key to protecting planet
Times of Israel: August 9, 2020
Can the field of archaeology “pass the spade” to locals to manage cultural heritage?
Archaeology News Network: August 3, 2020
Sacred Prostitution in the Story of Judah and Tamar?
BAS: August 7, 2020
After 30-year hiatus, French archaeological mission returns to Iraq
Al-Monitor: August 8, 2020
Ruins of Ancient Jerusalem Help Unravel Enigmas of Earth’s Magnetic Field
Haaretz: August 8, 2020
Moodle Midrash
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'Bigger Than History: Why Archaeology Matters'
Pop Matters: August 6, 2020
Biden quotes Bible at Black church meeting, while Trump says his rival is ‘against God’
RNS: August 6, 2020