March 2019
Methods of Historical Study
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Sacrificed Upon the Alter
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U of Arizona lecture, Assault Upon the Past: Destruction of Cultural Heritage
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Biblical Translations We Keep Screwing Up
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Wakf says it will start renovating Golden Gate site
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Can Science and Faith Co-Exist?
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Decades after discovery, Jerusalem’s Byzantine masterpiece may open to public
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Leviticus’ Rhetorical Presentation of the Sin and Guilt Offerings
Torah: March
The Rijksmuseum Becomes the Latest European Institution to Consider Returning Looted Artifacts From Its Collection
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Los Angeles company produces Bible aimed at millennials
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Internationally renowned architects add opposition to Jerusalem cable car plan
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1,700-year-old inscription found at Negev Excavation
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The Ancient Library of Alexandria
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The Greek Alphabet: Older Than You May Think?
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