September 2020
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Scientists grow fresh dates from a 6th BCE seed
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Rare finding supports idea of high literacy rates among biblical Jews
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Post-lockdown field trip? Visit some of Israel’s (320!) archaeological gardens
Times of Israel: September 20, 2020
Post-lockdown field trip? Visit some of Israel’s (320!) archaeological gardens
Times of Israel: September 20, 2020
Piecing together fragments of Hadrian's Temple in ancient Kyzikos
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Actual Palace of Herod Antipas Stars in Opera
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Second coronavirus lockdown in Israel frustrates many religious Jews’ plans for High Holidays
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Coins of the Conquerors of Rome
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King Tut's grandparents were Egypt's royal power couple
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Max von Oppenheim and His Tell Halaf
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Thousands of Jews Internationally To Learn Torah Together through Orthodox Union’s Torah Yerushalayim
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Reading the Bible Like Enslavers
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