March 2019
Fragment of the Month
Cambridge University Library: March 2019
“Jesus: His Life—Perspectives of Joseph and John the Baptist” (Pt. 1)
Paul Anderson: March 2019
Impressive Jewish artifacts found in Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem
JPost: March 27, 2019
Meet the Real King David, the One the Bible Didn’t Want You to Know About
Haaretz: March 27, 2019
Ancient West Bank site draws Christians, and controversy
Times of Israel: March 27, 2019
The Exodus: Fact or Fiction?
BAS: March 24, 2019
Saving the lost text of a Torah scroll
Phys.Org: March 26, 2019
Babylon's forgotten tomb, a symbol of Iraq's ancient Jewish heritage
Middle East Eye: March 26, 2019
Who Was Pontius Pilate?
Live Science: March 25, 2019
Past Climate Change May Have Weakened the Byzantine Empire
Inside Science News Service: March 25, 2019
100 Ancient Egyptian Inscriptions Found at Amethyst Mining Site
Live Science: March 26, 2019
Archaeology and Jesus
James F. McGrath: March 19, 2019
Turkey: 270 historical artifacts seized
Anadolu Agency: March 25, 2019
BYU Religion Professor Guilty of Plagiarism; University Yet to Take Action
Truth & Transparency Foundation: March 25, 2019
UI religious-studies professor assists in History Channel docu-series ‘Jesus: His Life’
UI The Daily Iowan: March 25, 2019
Why Pharaoh Oppressed The Children Of Israel: A New View – OpEd
Eurasia Review: March 25, 2019
Was This Just Discovered God Worshipped by the Queen of Sheba?
Daily Beast: March 23, 2019
Why the King James Bible of 1604 Remains the Most Popular Translation in History
History: March 23, 2019
Digging up Queen Esther: The Israeli archaeologist who excavated in Iran
JPost: March 23, 2019
Using Memory, Megillat Esther Confronts the Jewish People with their Past
Torah: March 2019
From gospel truth to fake news: Ignoring science poses ‘grave risk’ to Christianity
Irish Post: March 22, 2019
Mixed Reviews for History Channel's New Lenten Series ‘Jesus: His Life’
National Catholic Register: March 18, 2019
Most Protestant pastors see school as 'negative influence' on spiritual formation
Christian Post: March 22, 2019
Jewish Press: March 21, 2019
Basra Museum opening sparks hopes of cultural revival in post-war Iraq
The National: March 21, 2019