October 2019
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A lost temple – new findings might shatter Biblical archeology paradigm
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Counterfeiting and Fake Dyes in the Clothing Industry from the Roman Period
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Paul APB 5
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Before Martin Luther, there was Erasmus – a Dutch theologian who paved the way for the Protestant Reformation
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New study traces humanity’s ‘homeland’ to ancient Botswana
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Assyrian Tablets Contain Earliest Written Record of Aurora’s Sky Glow
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UNESCO adopts Egyptian initiative to combat trafficking of cultural property
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14 months and still no egalitarian access to Western Wall stones
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Former pastor Ryan Bell on why he abandoned his Christian faith: I gave it my best shot
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Officials stop illegal building by palaces of Second Temple 'Hanukkah hero'
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New Archaeological Evidence Shows Pontius Pilate Not as Bad as We Thought
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Ancient Roman home reopens in Herculaneum after 36-year wait
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Ancient Egyptian Mummies Found in the Valley of the Kings
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The Smithsonian and the Army Join Forces to Revive the Monuments
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Catholic Bishops Blast Father James Martin For Publicly Questioning Bible’s Teaching On Homosexual Acts
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The History and Literature of Late Antique Babylonian Rabbis
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From Sinner to Model Ancestor: King David in Post-Biblical Jewish and Christian Literature and Art
ASOR: October 2019
Incredible haul of pottery, coins and sculptures is unearthed from the 'lost' Greek city of Tenea thousands of years after it was abandoned by its 'remarkably affluent' citizens
Daily Mail: October 22, 2019