June 2020
Hundreds of Israel’s archaeological sites are vanishing under concrete
Nature: June 24, 2020
The Daric: Persian Gold
Coin Week: June 22, 2020
Facebook bans 'loot-to-order' antiquities trade
BBC: June 23, 2020
Women of the Wall to resume prayers at the Western Wall
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White Jesus Statues Should Be Torn Down, Activist Shaun King Says
Newsweek: June 22, 2020
How the Head of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Came Around to Trump
New Yorker: June 22, 2020
Top Oxford University Hebrew scholar sentenced to jail over child pornography
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US scholar explores trade links of early pastoralists in Levant
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When an Archaeological ‘Find’ Can Evict Palestinians From Their Home
Haaretz: June 23, 2020
Personal Names and Biblical Historicity
BAS: june 22, 2020
The Shared Origins of Monotheism, Evil, and Gnosticism
James F. McGrath: June 20, 2020
Egypt announces discovering burning ovens, mud brick wall dating back to late Roman Empire
Egypt Today: June 22, 2020
1200 Year-Old Assyrian Church Cross Found in Pakistan
AINA: June 22, 2020
Archaeologists Find Fishing Spot Used for 10,000 Years in Northern Israel
Haaretz: June 22, 2020
In Search of King David’s Lost Empire
New Yorker: June 29, 2020
Discovery of bizarre tomb offers clues to ancient life in Isfahan
Tehran Times: June 12, 2020
Hanging Gardens of Babylon … in Assyrian Nineveh
BAS: June 20, 2020
Life in Mesopotamia in 3000 B.C. or the Bronze Age
Great Courses: June 20, 2020
California synagogue to remove reference to top Confederate Jewish official
Times of Israel: June 21. 2020
Washington DC's Museum of the Bible to Reopen on Monday
CBN: June 21, 2020
Proof of life-size statues of Canaanite god unveiled in biblical Lachish
JPost: June 21, 2020
Why do we have so many different Bibles?
Richard Ostling: June 19, 2020
Palestinians object to 'politicized' elevator at Tomb of Patriarchs
JPost: June 20. 2020
Looting of antiquities has increased under lockdown – here’s how we’re working to prevent this in Iraq
Conversation: June 18, 2020
The First Biography of Jesus
Scot McKnight: June 18, 2020