October 2020
Lilith in the Bible and Mythology
BAS: October 20, 2020
YHWH Is Enthroned at Gad’s Temple: The Site of Moses’ Tomb
Torah: October 2020
The treasures of the world belong to us all
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Egypt discovers ancient coffins in major archaeological find
Al-Monitor: October 8, 2020
China forces churches to replace cross with 5-pointed star: 'Christianity does not belong'
Christian Post: October 8, 2020
Discovery Channel to film Ark of the Covenant documentary in Katy
LMT: October 9, 2020
The Archaeology of Clothing in the Ancient Near East
ASOR: October 2020
Halacha vs. health
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Did God Destroy the Walls of Jericho? A Brief History of Bible Literalism
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Searching for the Temple of King Solomon
BAS: October 7, 2020
What Is a Biblical Motif? The Levites as a Case Study
Biblical Mind: October 6, 2020
Exhibition on history of Istanbul now online
Hurriyet: October 7, 2020
New book links the decline of religious authority to the end of empathy
RNS: October 6, 2020
New Research Project on Carolingian Text Culture in Septimania and Catalonia
Mirage: October 7, 2020
Hi-tech Metal Furnace of the Negev Alchemists Incinerates History
Ancient Origins: October 5, 2020
Cave dwellers forged their tools in fire 300,000 years ago, Israeli study shows
Times of Israel: October 5, 2020
Armageddon excavations — a juicy pre-state soap opera that struck gold
Times of Israel: October 7, 2020
Decoding Linear A, the Writing System of the Ancient Minoans
Greek Reporter: October 6, 2020
Mark and John: A Wedding at Cana—Whose and Where?
BAS: October 5, 2020
For the First Time in 1,600 Years: Pilgrims Stopped Coming to the Holy Land
Haaretz: October 6, 2020
Tourism expert to 'Post': Israel sentencing industry to hunger, poverty
JPost: October 5, 2020
A Critique of Simcha Jacobovici’s Secrets of Christianity: Nails of the Cross
Bible and Interpretation: May 2011
Nails in Jewish Tombs: Three Minutes with L.Y. Rahmani Discussing Simcha’s 3-Year Research
Bible and Interpretation: July 2011
Caiaphas’ Ossuary, Funerary Nails, and Mr. Zias
Bible and Interpretation: August 2011
Greece Gets Five Rare Silver Coins Back From Munich and Zurich
National Herald: October 5, 2020