September 2019
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Gold dust may prove Shroud of Turin existed before carbon-date of 14th century
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Archaeology Confirms Book of Genesis on Israel’s Arch-nemesis, the Edomites
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Pilgrimages and Expeditions to the Holy Land, Egypt and Rome: The Spanish Experience
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Israeli researchers identify biblical kingdom of Edom
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Ironies in the Fire
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The Bible may have a naming discrepancy, and a Duke researcher plans to correct it
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The battle for Palmyra
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In Memory of David Stacey. A Brief Response to the Reviews of Qumran Revisited by Magness
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Although de Vaux Was a Divine, He Was Not Infallible
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Some Notes on the Archaeological Context of Qumran in the Light of Recent Publications
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David Stacey (1943-2019)
PaleoJudaica: September 17, 2019