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Bible and Interpretation,, is among the world’s leading scholarly sources for biblical and archeological news and articles. Our readers are different. What sets them apart is their commitment to biblical studies. We serve this niche market with consistent scholarly contributions, the latest news, features, editorials, commentary, archaeological interpretation relevant to the study of the Bible for the public and biblical scholars.


Many of our authors are the leading scholars in biblical studies and archaeology in the world. Our site has a current rate of 350,000 visitors per month, and approximately 20,000+ unique monthly visitors. The Bible and Interpretation audience is comprised of viewers and contributors that are highly sophisticated, and well-educated.


Bible and Interpretation has created an unique section for scholars to comment on the latest developments relevant to biblical studies, archaeology and associated topics. We provide daily news on Bible and archaeology, a list of excavations in Israel and Jordan, links to Bible web sites, weekly featured articles and an opinion page.


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